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Written by Ir. David Kurniadi   
Tuesday, 06 November 2018 04:24

The believers are natural man with supernatural power, because the Bible says that within the natural body of the believers abide the Supernatural Person that is the Holy Spirit of God (1 Cor. 6:19), and the Holy Spirit brings supernatural power and authority into the believer’s lives.


The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit is the power that involved in the creation (Gen. 1:1-2) and throughout the history worked the divine miracles and wonders through God’s appointed servants. The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit is also the power that had raised the Lord Jesus from the dead (Rom. 8:11). The apostle Paul used the term “megethos” to describe the great power of the Holy Spirit (Ep. 1:19), the similar term used to measure the power of nuclear bomb: megaton. Thus in other words, there is a great power like a nuclear power and even greater than that, stored within our inner being as potential (Ep. 1:19).


In Act 1:18, our Lord Jesus said that we shall receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon us. And He called the Holy Spirit as “Dunamis”: the root of the word dynamic and dynamite. But most of the Christians do not realize the great supernatural power that stored within them (1 Cor. 6:19), because they do not activate or exercise that power through their action: the action that springs out of faith and obedience.


As long as the Christians are inactive or passive, the supernatural power will remain as potential. It’s like unexploded dynamite. Their lives give no impact to their surrounding. They will not become impactful witnesses, as the Lord wants them to be (Act. 1:18).


But if the believers would exercise the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit that has been stored within them, they will become history maker, impactful Christians, that could change the world. This is the holy ambition of the Lord upon us that we would go all over the world and make all nations His disciples (Mat. 28:18).


How could it be that the Lord gave us such a great task: to change the whole world, while we are just natural man with weaknesses, infirmities and limitations? It’s because the Lord doesn’t rely on our natural ability but He relies on the supernatural power that He has imparted within the believers. That is the reason why the Lord gives us the Holy Spirit to dwell within us (John 14:16-17). He knows that the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit will overcome the weak and limited ability of believers’ natural conditions.


The Lord Jesus himself is the example of how a natural person can do great things beyond his natural ability with the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. We must remember that when the supernatural Son of God came into the world as human being, He totally emptied himself from all his power and equality with God and became a natural human being like us (Phil. 2:6-7). He was exactly at the same position and situation like us. The only thing that remains attached to Him was His unchanging tittle as the Only Begotten Son of God (Mat. 3:17).


In his natural body, the Son of God suffered natural limitations like us. He was hungry after fasting for 40 days (Mat. 4:2), being wearied with his journey (John 4:6), was thirsty and need a drink (verse 7). But what made Him able to perform great miracles and wonders? He fully relied and depended upon the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 10:38). Jesus received the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Mat. 3:16) and was full with the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1) and walked in the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:14). So, Jesus – the Son of God – exercised the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit while He walked as natural man on earth. He proved that if the natural man exercise the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit within him, he will able to do great things for God: for the glory of God and for His purposes; the great things that beyond natural ability of human being.


But Jesus was not only believed for himself. He also had a confident that the same would happen with others if they would be filled with the same Spirit and exercise His supernatural power. So He proved his belief by imparting the supernatural power and authority into his twelve disciples (Luke 9:1). At that time the Holy Spirit was not yet poured out (John 7:39). So Jesus directly transferred the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit from himself unto the twelve disciples, and He commanded them to exercise the power by preaching the Gospel and healing the sick people (Luke 9:2). And the twelve did what Jesus commanded them and succeeded (Luke 9:6).


Jesus did not stop there. He made another proof by imparting the same supernatural power into the other seventy disciples (Luke 10:19) whose names were not mentioned by the Bible (Luke 10:1). They represented the ordinary Christians; while the twelve represented the full-timer ministers. He gave them the same command that was to exercise the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit by preaching the Gospel and healing the sick people. And they experienced the same success as the twelve (Luke 10:17).


So, whether full-time ministers or just ordinary Christians, but if they would exercise the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, they will do the great things beyond their natural ability. With these infallible proofs Jesus then made a conclusion: “If you believe in me you shall do the works that I did, even the greater works you shall do, because I go to the Father” (John 14:12).


Jesus promised the disciples that He would go to the Father and send the Holy Spirit to give them the supernatural power and ability (John 14:16; Acts 1:8). And this promise came true after Jesus ascended back to Heaven and the Holy Spirit was poured out upon them on the day of Pentecost (Acts. 2:1-4).


Jesus gave unto His disciples His command to change the world with the Gospel (Mat. 28:18) and to exercise the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit (Mark 16:15-18). Who are Jesus’ disciples actually? Most of them were unlearned and ignorant people (Acts 4:13), full of fear (John 20:19) and doubt (Mark 16:11, 13, 14). They were actually unqualified for that great task. But why the Lord entrusted such great work unto them? It’s because, the Lord trusts the Holy Spirit (John 16:7). The Lord said that it is more profitable for us that He goes away, so the Holy Spirit will come and work together with the believers to accomplish God’s ambition to change the whole world and save human being.


This great task is impossible to do if we use only our natural ability due to its weaknesses, infirmities and limitations. If we do so we will come to the point that we give up because it is beyond our ability. That’s why we must exercise the supernatural power that stored within us. We must work together with the Holy Spirit. We must release our supernatural potential. Only the supernatural can overcome the natural; the unlimited will overcome the limited; as the Lord once said that flesh profits nothing (John 6:63).


Meanwhile our weaknesses or infirmities do not limit the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit at all. In fact the Holy Spirit is given to overcome our weaknesses. Nay, our weaknesses actually attract the Holy Spirit to come to us, because He is the Helper. He comes for us. God the Father sends the Holy Spirit as an answer to Jesus’ prayer (John 14:16). He is our Helper, Strengthener and Standby.


The Holy Spirit is what the Father has promised (Acts 1:4). The Father has promised the Son that He will give the Holy Spirit after the Son finished His work on earth and ascended back to Heaven and exalted by the right hand of the Father (Acts 2:33). And when Christ has received the promised of the Father that is the Holy Spirit, He poured out the Holy Spirit upon all flesh according to the prophecy of Joel (Joel 2:28).


The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was a great event. It started the collaboration between the natural with the supernatural: between the believers with the Holy Spirit. This collaboration continues until the work that Christ has begun on earth is completed.


When the Holy Spirit began this collaboration He didn’t use prominent people as His working partner (1 Cor. 1:26). Instead He used the unlearned and ignorant men that Christ had previously chosen (1 Cor. 1:27). But the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit covered their weaknesses and worked beyond their natural limitations. Through their mouth the Holy Spirit made the people who heard their message turned to Christ (Acts 8:5-8). Through their hands the Holy Spirit performed miracles and wonders as Jesus did (Acts 2:43). They spoke the words that empowered by the Spirit that even the Scribes and the Priests did not able to resist their wisdom (Acts 4:13), and they marveled.


As the result of the cooperation between the Holy Spirit with the early Christians, the Christianity spread rapidly. Just after the Church was born at the day of Pentecost, three thousand people accepted Christ and gave themselves to be baptized (Acts 2:41). In a short time their number was multiplied greatly (Acts 6:1, 7). After the great persecution arose the believers scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria (Acts 8:1). Some even reached Rome.


Wherever the believers went they preached the Gospel and demonstrated the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit by performing miracles and wonders (Mark 16:20). Their impact was very strong that they “turn the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). The Jews were afraid of them because great company of priests became Christian (Acts 6:7), and the Romans persecuted them severely because they considered them as political threat to the empire. Ten Roman Emperors persecuted Christians for quite long period of time. But slowly Christianity conquered the great conqueror: the Roman Empire. Roman Empire eventually made Christianity as state religion. Christianity became unstoppable movement. It spread like “pestilence” (Acts 24:5). Now, Christianity has touched half of human population on earth.


The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit worked real not only in the apostles’ life but also in the life of other disciples, for example Stephen. Stephen was not an apostle. He was just a deacon (Acts 6:5). But he was full of the Spirit and exercised the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit when he preached the Gospel. And we read that he did many miracles and great wonders in the name of Jesus just as the apostles did (Acts 6:8). He owned supernatural wisdom from the Holy Spirit so that no one can resist his wisdom (Acts 6:10). Stephen not only showed the power of the Spirit but also the Divine authority. People testified that they saw Stephen’s face was like an angel (Acts 6:15). So, what Jesus said was true that the believers can do the works that Jesus did, and even the greater works (John 14:12).


The manifestation of supernatural power of the Spirit through the life of the believers not ended in the period of the apostles: it continues until now, and it will continue until the coming of our Lord at the end time. The book Acts of the Apostle is an open book – without ending word – because it continues with us. We continue the history of the mighty acts of the Holy Spirit on earth through the believers.


Nothing can stop or hinder the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Neither the worst situation nor our natural infirmities can diminish nor dismiss the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. The only thing that could stop it is our unbelief and refusal, because the Spirit will never trespass human free will that God has given.


Of course Satan will always try to hinder the believer from using or exercising the supernatural power of the Spirit within them. He wants to deceive the Christians not to believe in the supernatural things or persuade them to refuse the exercising of supernatural power. He wants them to rely only on their natural strength and ability. Satan knows that if the Christians use their supernatural power of the Holy Spirit they will be able to resist his evil power (Luke 10:19), and soon his kingdom will fall (Luke 10:18)


Satan also tries to falsify the supernatural works of the Holy Spirit by imitate it. Like Pharaoh’s sorcerers who made the similar wonders as what Moses made, so Satan always tries to fake the things the Holy Spirit made. It is called satanic miracles. Satan is able to make supernatural things because he is also a supernatural being and has supernatural power. But the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit is greater than the power of the evil spirits that work in the world (1 John 4:4).


The purpose of Satan’s supernatural works is to confuse and pervert people. Seeing this fact some Christians withdraw themselves from exercising the supernatural power of the Spirit. They refuse it because they are afraid of deception. They call it as superstitious. They consider it as not relevant anymore in this modern age where science and technology have highly developed. Satan found his safe haven in this modern perception. The Christians will become natural believers who depend only upon their natural strength and ability, and Satan can freely move to work on his mischief without significant resistance from the believers. 


Satan also knows that if the believers use only their natural strength and ability they will come to the point of inability. Their natural weaknesses will lead them to live in limitation and impossibility, and this will make them frustration and disappoint toward God. Disappointment could cause rejection (Mat. 6:11). This is the goal of Satan.


But if the believers use their supernatural potential, they will be able to overcome their natural weaknesses, hindrances and limitations. They will move to the level of life where there are divine possibilities without limitation. As the Lord says that there is nothing impossible for those who believe (Mat. 17:20; Mark. 9:23). With the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit the believer will do the works of Jesus, and even the grater works (John 14:12). The believer will change the world and make the nations Jesus’ disciples (Mat. 28:19). The Kingdom of God come and God’s will be done on earth (Mat. 6:10). This is the goal of God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son.


Do not be afraid! Though the Enemy fakes the supernatural works of the Holy Spirit and produces counterfeit miracles, however the Holy Spirit still produces the true and original miracles and wonders. As is the case, that though there are counterfeit money circulating in the market, but we are not deterred from using money. We just need to be careful and try to recognize it by developing our intimacy with the Holy Spirit the Maker of true miracles. When you are intimate with the Holy Spirit you will know how to recognize the true working wonder of the Spirit. And the Holy Spirit himself will teach us and guide us; we will know it (1 John 2:20).


The main purpose of God in imparting the supernatural power within the believers is for witnessing Christ, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, winning the souls for Christ and demonstrating God’s power to prove to the world that Lord Jesus is Almighty God (Mat. 28:18) who saves the world.


When do we use the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit? When we preach the Gospel (2 Cor. 10:4-5); when we pray for healing for the sick people (Mark 16:18); when we cast out devils (Mark 16:17); when we make intercession for our nation and country, and for our fellow believers (Ep. 6:11-18).


So, the exercising of power of the Holy Spirit is for God’s purpose and for the glory of His name. This is the difference with the working of satanic power, which is for the purpose of man’s desires: power, wealth and lust; for human’s pride and blaspheme Christ.


Ironically the unbelievers are more and more believe and exercise the supernatural power from the Devil, and they succeed. They got what they want and satisfy their desires, though they must pawn their souls to the Devil. They become rich, famous, and powerful and indulge their lusts. But not long after that they must pay with their lives. All dreadful curses come upon them. Finally they lost everything and must perish in everlasting condemnation in Hell.


So, how can we safely exercise the supernatural power? It is safe if we live for Jesus and loving others; if we exercise it for the glory of God, and not for our own glory; if we use it according to the will of God and not our own desire; if we lead by the Holy Spirit and walk according to the Word of God, and not our own understanding; if we live in submission and obedient to God and His delegate authorities. The supernatural works of the Holy Spirit will not disaccord with the truth of God’s word. The exercising of the supernatural power must be guarded with the correct doctrines. The one who exercise the power of the Spirit must be under the supervision of the spiritual authority; he must subdue himself to God’s delegate authority or spiritual mentor. This humility will keep him safe from perversion.


Speaking about humility, this is a very important factor. Many God’s ministers nowadays whom God entrusted with miraculous ministries became proud: they are famous and rich. They started to build their own tower and kingdom, and we see that not long after that they fell in sin. How could it be, that those who preach the word of God, intimate with God, exercising the power of the Spirit, but at the end they fall in sin? The answer is they have lost their humbleness. The same happened with the prominent angel Lucifer. He was created with perfect beauty, served the Lord before His holy presence, anointed; yet he fell in sin, because of his arrogance (Ez. 28:13-18). This must become a warning for us who would exercise the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. We must keep ourselves from loftiness and keep ourselves humble before God and men, not seeking vainglory. If we exercise according to this path we will be safe from perversion.


God the Father wants that His children show distinction from the world not only in moral standard – that is holiness - but also in power and authority so that they become His witness on earth. The world must see the glory of God upon our lives, because we are the light of the world: the impactful life. With the power of the Holy Spirit we will become victorious in this life. We are the ambassadors of Christ’s Kingdom. The supernatural power of the Holy Spirit is within us. Wherever we go we become a blessing. There are streams of living water, powerful influence, springing from our lives. We are supernatural Christians!


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